Top 10 Destinations Covered by Seven Corners Travel Insurance


The world of adventure, culture and unforgettable memories becomes open through traveling. Nevertheless, the uncertainty of travelling requires a safety net that is where Seven Corners Travel Insurance comes into effect. By offering full coverage worldwide, this insurance gives globetrotters peace of mind everywhere.

Destination 1: France

Seven Corners cover France, which has a romantic atmosphere, rich arts history and delicious dishes. As for insurance coverage, the medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage are included in it to avoid any worries with a visit to Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum as well as streets of Paris.

Destination 2: Thailand

Seven corners provides robust coverage for Thailand, a country known for its fine beaches and cultural prosperity. This includes cover for trip delays and medical emergencies, necessary to enjoy the vibrant streets of Bangkok and idyllic shores in Phuket.

Destination 3: Australia

To the daring souls travelling to Australia, Seven Corners has inclusive insurance. This includes medical coverage and adventure sports, ideal for visiting the Great Barrier Reef or other hotspots around Australia.

Destination 4: Japan

Japan, which is a combination of the old traditions and marvels of modernity, also comes under Seven Corners’ shade. Insurance here includes trip interruptions and medical emergencies, which is important to tourists in Tokyo’s neon-lit streets and Kyoto’s historic temples.

Destination 5: Canada

Seven Corners cover medical emergencies and baggage loss for the visitors who travel to Canada where they can enjoy its natural beauty. Regardless if it is the Rocky Mountains or Toronto’s cosmopolitan ambience, this insurance ensures a risk-free trip.

Destination 6: Brazil

Seven Corners’ coverage makes Brazil more fun to visit because of the country’s culture and varied terrain. This protects against travels cancellations, and medical emergencies that are essential requirements to enjoy the Carnival in Rio de janeiro city as well as Amazon rainforest.

Destination 7: South Africa

Medical emergencies and trip interruptions are covered by Seven Corners in South Africa. This is vital for a stress-free tour of Kruger National Park and picturesque Garden Route.

Destination 8: Italy

Seven Corners provides a great deal of coverage on Italy, which boasts an impressive past and gold-plated dishes. It covers medical and trip interruption protection, with a seamless transit through ancient Rome’s ruins to the charming canals of Venice.

Destination 9: India

Seven Corners’ insurance in India is tailored to the various travel adventures, be it way up there on the Himalayas or down south in Goa. The insurance provides coverage on medical emergencies and trip delays, which is necessary for a country that represents colorful chaos.

Destination 10: United States

In the US, a company named Seven Corners provides extensive coverage including medical emergencies and trip cancellations. This is critical for a seamless enjoyment of the rich landscapes and cultures from New York city’s bright lights to the serene scenery in national parks.

Further Advantages of Seven Corners Travel Insurance

On top of the benefits that apply to a particular destination, wide global medical coverage and trip cancellation in case of unforeseen events are provided by Seven Corners ensuring all-round protection.

Choosing the Right Plan

However, choosing the correct Seven Corners insurance plan is incredibly important and relies on your travel requirements whether adventure needs otherwise business or pleasure.

Travel Tips and Safety

First, you need to prepare for your trip well in advance and know as much about travel safety standards and local customs before visiting each destination so that the whole journey runs smoothly.


In conclusion, Seven Corners Travel Insurance offers a comprehensive package that covers many destinations, allowing traveler to enjoy the world with no fears.


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